Hello! I’m sorry for my long hiatus, I’ve been busy working on some side projects that I didn’t realize my scheduled posts never made it out as scheduled (covers face). Have mercy on me, I’m still getting used to this blogging thing. Anyway, for today, we’re just taking off from our sugar conversation (previously posted), so let’s dive into it! Continue reading

Let’s talk sugar! Part 1.

I feel bad for sugar most days. Just saying sugar to most people sends them running in the opposite direction,but is it that bad to have sugar in our diet? Sugar is a type of carbohydrate that breaks down in the body to become glucose. The body uses glucose for energy. We need energy to do our daily activities. So what is the big deal with sugar? Continue reading

How to find reliable health information online

March is Nutrition Month in Canada and this year the slogan is Take the fight out of food! Spot the problem. Get the facts. Seek support. In my opinion, taking the fight out of food starts with information and where do most of us find information nowadays? Yep! good, ole internet. The internet has made nutrition and health information vary accessible, most of it being valuable. It is also filled with misinformation from ‘experts’ giving health advice from what you should and not eat, to selling products. Many of us serious about living healthy to be easily misled if we don’t critically examine the information we read online. So how do we find reliable information on the internet? Continue reading

What’s the big deal about gas, it’s only natural right?

My preschooler recently told me she no longer liked eating black-eyed peas (beans as we call it) because it makes her fart. Wait what?????? I had to do a double take and keep a straight face while trying to quickly decide what my response would be. You see, it took over three years and many tries (I stopped counting after the tenth try) for my daughter to start eating beans and I was not about to ruin everything we had accomplished so far by not thinking carefully about my response. Many of us have been faced with making a decision about certain foods because of the unpleasant experience of abdominal bloating and pain associated with gas and for my daughter, this was a big issue. But gas, is only natural so what’s all the fuss about? Continue reading

Plantains: A beginner’s guide to plantains.

Can I just take a moment to say that plantains are aweeeessssooooommmmmeeee? Not only are they nutritious ripe or unripe, they are very versatile and can be enjoyed in a many ways as a main or side dish. They are packed with vitamin C (immune function, skin and cell growth and maintenance), vitamin A (vision, bone growth, immune system function), vitamin B6 (improve brain function, healthy eyes, improve symptoms of PMS, helps with anemia), potassium (relief blood pressure, stress) and fiber, need I say more?

To fully enjoy plantains, you have to know the taste profile at various ripening stages so that you can cook appropriately. Continue reading