Hello! I’m sorry for my long hiatus, I’ve been busy working on some side projects that I didn’t realize my scheduled posts never made it out as scheduled (covers face). Have mercy on me, I’m still getting used to this blogging thing. Anyway, for today, we’re just taking off from our sugar conversation (previously posted), so let’s dive into it!

Another way we can have a bit of control over how much added sugar goes into our daily intake is by reading labels on our food products. To get you started, here are a few labels you may see on food products and what they mean:

Unsweetened: There are no added sugars or artificial sweeteners in the food product.

No added sugar/without added sugar: There is no added sugar in the food product. Sugar may be listed on the ingredient list but this would be the sugar naturally found in the food. For example a box of 100% apple juice with no added sugar may show sugar listed on the ingredient list because apples have sugar. Most plant products may contain some amount of sugar because of their starch content.

Sugar-free/No sugar/ sugarless: The food product contains about 0.5 g of sugar or less than 5 calories in one serving of the product (the serving size will be listed). This amount will likely not have any significant effect on your body.

Reduced sugar/Less sugar/Lower in sugar than … : The food product has been modified so that it contains 25% less sugar per serving than a similar product. For these products, another ingredient may be added to make up for the loss so be sure to check the label and compare labels of both or different products.

Reading labels for sugar content can be quite confusing to start but once you get a hang of it, choosing food products will be a bit easier… that’s my hope :-). Try reading a few labels the next time you’re in the store. What other ingredients do you watch for when reading labels? Let me know what you think by commenting below or sending me a message.

Thanks for stopping by.


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