Hello! I’m sorry for my long hiatus, I’ve been busy working on some side projects that I didn’t realize my scheduled posts never made it out as scheduled (covers face). Have mercy on me, I’m still getting used to this blogging thing. Anyway, for today, we’re just taking off from our sugar conversation (previously posted), so let’s dive into it! Continue reading

How to find reliable health information online

March is Nutrition Month in Canada and this year the slogan is Take the fight out of food! Spot the problem. Get the facts. Seek support. In my opinion, taking the fight out of food starts with information and where do most of us find information nowadays? Yep! good, ole internet. The internet has made nutrition and health information vary accessible, most of it being valuable. It is also filled with misinformation from ‘experts’ giving health advice from what you should and not eat, to selling products. Many of us serious about living healthy to be easily misled if we don’t critically examine the information we read online. So how do we find reliable information on the internet? Continue reading